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From the Editor

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It’s been a minute (too long, that is) since we put out a newsletter and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your continued participation and interest in DFW ASPE and give you some perspectives on where we’ve been and where we’re going from the vantage point of the chapter “reporter” and "website guy". 

DFW ASPE has been through some really positive changes in the past couple years. The 2017-2018 Season saw strong increases in meeting & event attendance under energetic leadership that resulted in two awards from ASPE National:

The Award of  Merit&

The Membership Growth Award

The chapter would like to congratulate Luke Martin, last year's President, and the team he assembled and lead which made these awards possible: 

Great JOB, LUKE!
DFW ASPE could NOT have done it without you!


We have worked hard at closer coordination with our fellow chapters in Houston & Central Texas on wildly successful regional meetings and an excellent Advanced Plumbing Design course that was highly attended from as far away as Indiana.

Also,  DFW has helped re-ignite the ASPE spirit in Lubbock as we supported the re-growth and soon-to-be-officially re-chartered, High Plains Chapter of ASPE.  Jim Vertz and his tireless dedication to the ASPE family must be recognized for the key role he played in making this happen - make sure to check out the High Plains Chapter update further on in this missive.  If you're a rep, we need tech session leaders out there so get your driving gloves on and hit the road with us!

Overall, our events have been just amazing - from the Richard Ellis Memorial Scholarship Clay Shoot to the Spring and Fall Golf Classics to the Plumbing Product Expo & Education Symposium, attendance and fun are both WAY up...  I'm in the process of updating the website with all the photos from these fantastic events and hope you'll pay attention to the coming announcements from the chapter where we'll give you links to catch all the details & "evidence".

While our current Board of Governors isn't exactly new at this point, I've asked them to (re?)introduce themselves and their roles in the chapter to make you aware of the hard work that each is contributing to make your ASPE chapter a place where you can find value - both professionally and personally. 

We just got back from Atlanta for the National ASPE EXPO and we've got a lot to share in the way of photos and experiences.  I've asked each team member who attended to give us a little insight into what they got out of the trip. Photos to follow - some included here:

Stay tuned, too, for some exciting updates to the Members Only area where we hope to provide some of the latest in industry knowledge and good ol' fashioned "rules of thumb" to help you in your daily work and to give some of our newer designers a place to ask their questions in a forum of professional courtesy and encouragement. 

In the learning channel, we also hosted a packed house for our ever-growing, Basic Plumbing Design course.  A big shout out to Mike Danielson and Larry Bartlett for all the hard work they put into educating designers, fellow engineers, contractors and even a rep or two.  I was lucky enough to attend and would encourage everyone who's not a seasoned pro to come check it out next round.

SO, please, read on. Take a minute and check out what each of the contributors has shared and let us know how we can serve you better.  I hope, with the help of the Board, to make the newsletter a more frequent event but in the meantime please keep in touch via the chapter emails and website.

Glad to be of service,

Renn Burling
Corresponding Secretary

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A Message from the President

Hello everyone, hope all is well,

If you didn’t get to attend the 2018 ASPE Convention in Atlanta, you missed a great opportunity to Non-stop networking with more than 4,000 industry professionals and 285 different manufactures and vendors from around the world. Each person who registered for the convention that attended all the education sessions had ability to earn up to 17.25 hours of continuing education credits.

In addition, each person had the ability to earn 11 hours of continuing educational credit just for walking the show floor. The DFW and High Plains chapters sent 15 from our chapters to the convention and we had several other DFW ASPE members attending as well. I would personally want to thank everyone who represented our chapters at the convention this year.

The DFW ASPE chapter received the Award of Merit and Membership Growth award for 2017- 2018.  Please visit the DFW website to see the awards.

I learned at this convention, we all have a role in the ASPE process with opportunities to obtain knowledge in our respected fields and by networking with individuals and chapters across our great country. I hope everyone who attended the convention, came back with a renewed energy and new ideas to assist with making the DFW and High Plains chapters the best of ASPE.   

I hope to see you at our next technical presentation in Fort Worth October 23 or Dallas October 24th. Please don’t forget to register on the website for all lunches and events. This gives us an accurate account to set up for lunch.

Thank You for supporting our great chapters and hope to see everyone at our next technical meeting.

James Walls
President 2018 -2019

The President's Role
My role as president of the DFW chapter:  Monitor the discussions enough to ensure that a good exchange of information has occurred from the past president and board members. Appoint committees, traditionally carry with them chairs and/or committees who may or may not need to be replaced. Discuss and analyze their structure for viability, interest, profitability, and efficiency. Contact each board member to discuss their roles with the chapter and which programs will continue and which ones should be changed or dropped. Take command and assume the leadership role.  Delegation of authority and responsibility is a necessary element for success of the chapter. Help the chapter run smoothly. maintain a close relationship with each Board member. Keep on top of each activity and provide encouragement to those in charge.

Remember I can’t do this alone, and we need to lean on each other to make the DFW ASPE chapter work.

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VP Technical Column

VP Technical Duties:

The VP Technical is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the Chapter’s technical activities. VP Technical is next in line to succeed to the Presidency if the Chapter President is unable to function for any reason.

Show Highlights:

The ASPE Convention & Expo is always a highlight of my time on the DFW ASPE board, and this year in Atlanta was no different. There is no other event in our plumbing profession that you can receive the same quality of education, experience and personal connections.

As I continue to grow in my responsibilities in the Society and in our Chapter, my level of appreciation grows for all of the volunteers that make this Society and Chapter what it is today. Thank you to everyone who coordinated travel and registration, those that participated in this Convention as a delegate, alt. delegate and those that continue to support our Chapter with their time and resources-even if they are no longer serving on the local board.

Our Society and DFW ASPE can only continue to improve and grow with the efforts of committed plumbing engineers/designers and our affiliates. If you have ever considered participating in the DFW Chapter board or serve on one of our committees let’s talk!

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VP Legislative

As the V.P Legislative of the DFW ASPE board my responsibility is to keep track of code amendments adopted by local north Texas city’s that where proposed by the North Central Texas Council of Governments. This year’s recommended code amendments have been approved by the North Central Texas Council of Governments and local cities will start adopting the amendments at the end of the year. To get more information on the proposed amendments please go to https://www.nctcog.org/envir/regional-building-codes/amendments.

The Atlanta product show was great learning experience.  There are many classes available to improve the design skills of young engineers. I suggest that anyone wanting to learn to go to the 2019 Technical Symposium next year in Pittsburg, PA.

Mitchell Burnaugh
VP Legislative


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Welcome New Members

VP Membership

My name is Gary Dyke and I gladly serve on the Board of Directors of the DFW Chapter of ASPE in the position of V.P. Membership.

My primary responsibilities in this position are to grow membership and assist current, new and potential members with questions related to their current or future membership.

Why join ASPE?

  • A few of the many reasons to join are as follows:
  • Monthly chapter meetings and technical presentations
  • Networking opportunities with plumbing engineers worldwide
  • ASPE Plumbing Engineering Design Handbook
  • Monthly subscription to Plumbing Systems & Design magazine
  • ASPE Pipeline e-newsletter
  • Technical seminars and workshops
  • Access to earn continuing education units (CEUs)
  • Technical books and manuals (specific to the profession of plumbing engineering)
  • Professional certification

Message from the VPM 

The DFW Chapter currently has a membership in good standing of 217 individuals. Our membership consists of Engineers, Designers, Contractors, City Officials, Facility Leaders and Manufacturer Representatives.

I would like to encourage all of our members to attend our technical luncheons (typically the last week of the month). Please bring a friend from your organization so they can sample what ASPE has to offer first hand.

Let’s grow the chapter together.

Warmest Regards,

Gary Dyke
V.P Membership DFW Chapter

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Seceretary's Report

Board member duties:

The administrative secretary is responsible for all of the internal records of the chapter. In addition, they are responsible for transmitting all required chapter reports to the society office and the region director. The logistics of accumulating and sending all of these reports will be simplified by establishing early in the year a procedure of transmittal with each of those responsible for generating the reports. Due to handling of all of the reports, the administrative secretary is one of the most well-informed members of the chapter.

Expo experience:

This was my first ASPE Convention so I was not sure what to expect prior to attending but I have to say my experience there was a positive one. The weekend started the board meeting in which we voted on by laws as well as voting in new national members. Not being a delegate I sat in the back of the room and mostly observed but I did get a chance to fill in for a delegate and vote on the bylaws which was an interesting experience. Monday started the expo which was a fun experience walking around and talking to reps from various companies. Also got to meet up with some of my fellow Henderson Engineer employs from various offices around the county which was great to meet some for the first time. Tuesday and Wednesday started the technical sessions but I did not get to addend those as I had to get an earlier flight back home. My highlight of the trip was the various events at night which you get a see a difference side of people and have more relaxed conversation which doesn’t always happen during working hours.

Matt Cosgrove
Administrative Secretary

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Affiliate Liaison Report

The most important responsibility of the Chapter Affiliate Liaison/ Resource Enhancement Chair (CAL/REC) is to provide a conduit for communication between the Chapter’s Affiliate members and the Chapter Board of Directors.

Brett Arison
Affiliate Liason

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Education Chair Update

Education Chair – Advance the knowledge of ASPE members and non-members through education.   

The 2018 ASPE EXPO in Atlanta was another great show and slate of Technical Sessions.  It is always good to see “hands on”.  With most of the manufacturers there were products available to see, touch, and test the knowledge of the factory representatives.  The tech. sessions we very informative.  In particular, the session on the Hunter Curve and the changes that will be coming sooner rather than later.

Mike Danielson
Education Committee Co-Chair


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ASPE Young Professionals Update

My name is Brett McQueen and I serve on the DFW Chapter board as the ASPE Young Professional Liaison. My role as your AYP is to gather young professionals within the plumbing industry and provide opportunities where they can socialize, learn and network with individuals at different stages in their career. As your AYP, I am dedicated to the needs of plumbing designers 35 years and younger and if there is anything you would like to learn more about, please contact me. Our next AYP event will be held at the Fort Worth Axe Factory on November 15th  and you can see more details on our website.

At the 2018 ASPE Expo in Atlanta I attended the Bi-Annual AYP meeting where I heard from other chapters across North America. We discussed different methods to grow membership and retain existing members. It was also interesting to hear which type of events worked in different parts of the country and how frequent the events were.  For example, one chapter has had success with evening technical sessions hosted at local breweries where as another chapter had great results with family friendly events. After the meeting adjourned I attended the Bi-Annual business meeting where all the chapters and regions came together to discuss changes within our organization.

On Monday, the Expo was in full swing and the floor was packed with vendors from all over the country. I found products that I’ve never heard of before and I learned more about systems I work with every day. If you haven’t been to an ASPE convention before I highly encourage you attend the next one in New Orleans. The vendors appreciate every minute you have to spare and if you are lucky, you may even find yourself at one of their Monday night parties.

Brett McQueen
ASPE Young Professionals (AYP)

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Women of ASPE

Reach out to Brittainy Tidwell if you have any questions about Women of ASPE and stay tuned for the next  WoA event, coming soon!


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Upcoming Events

Technical Lunch for October, Dallas

October 24, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Maggiano's Little Italy
205 N Park Center
Dallas, TX 75225

Various Methods of Water Treatment Including Physical Water Treatment

Read More

Register Now

AYP Event November 2018

November 15, 2018
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Fort Worth Axe Factory
220 S. Sylvania Avenue, Suite 110
Fort Worth, TX 76111
Venue website

Join us in Fort Worth for the next AYP event!

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High Plains Chpater of ASPE Update

After many years conducting ASPE meetings in Lubbock under the umbrella of the DFW chapter we are pleased to announce that the chapter will be formally charted as the “Lubbock High Plains Satellite” Chapter on Thursday, November 15, 2018 beginning at 11:30 am at the 50 Yardline Steakhouse in Lubbock.  In attendance to make this presentation will be Billy Smith,FASPE, ASPE Executive Director/CEO; Carol Johnson,CPD,LEED AP,CFI,FASPE, ASPE President; Stacy Kidd, ASPE Director of Membership and Meetings; and Bryan Hutton,CPD, Region 5 Director.  Following the chapter charter ceremony the local ASPE members will elect their first Board of Directors which will include Doyle Fanning,EIT, President/VP Legislative; Carl Wampler,PE, VP Technical/VP Membership; and Robert Gutierrez, Treasurer/Secretary. 

Doyle Fanning, EIT
President/VP Legislative
The High Plains Chapter of ASPE

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DFW ASPE Product Plumbing Expo & Education Symposium

2018 Plumbing Product Expo

Thank you for making this year's PPE a fantastic success!

We'd like to recognize the PPE Chairman for all his hard work in making the event such a memorable success - thank you Luke Martin!

And also Mr. Jim Vertz for his many contributions and dedication in helping us make all attendees feel welcome and analyze the participation to make each year better and better - thank you Jim!

A few photos from the event - more online soon:

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We appreciate our sponsors!  DFW ASPE literally could not do what we do without the ongoing support of our gracious supporters.  Please take a moment to learn more about each organization by clicking on the image below where you'll find links to each website.

Please call on these manufacturers for your project and education needs - they're always glad to support you as well!


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Board of Directors and Committee Leaders

James A. Walls
Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute
e-mail: cispi@flash.net

Vice President Technical
Greg H. Swafford CPD
e-mail: greg.swafford@georgfischer.com


Vice President Legislative
Mitchell Riley Burnaugh CPDT
Freese & Nichols
e-mail: mitchell.burnaugh@freese.com


Vice President Membership
Gary Dyke
e-mail: gary_dyke@sbcglobal.net


Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller
e-mail: treasurer@dfwaspe.org


Administrative Secretary
Matthew Nathaniel Cosgrove
Henderson Engineers
e-mail: matt.cosgrove@hei-eng.com


Corresponding Secretary
Renn Burling
Viega, LLC
e-mail: renn.burling@viega.us


Affiliate Liaison
Brett Daniel Arison
TFG Founders Group
e-mail: brett@tfgsales.com


Women of ASPE
Brittainy Tidwell G.E., CPDT
e-mail: brittainytidwell@gmail.com


ASPE Youth Professional Liaison
Brett McQueen CPDT
Smith Seckman Reid


Lubbock Ambassador
James R. Vertz CET, FASPE
e-mail: rowlett10@verizon.net


Plumbing Prod Expo Chair
Lukas Don Martin
Oslin Nation
e-mail: lmartin@onco-tx.com


Education Co-Chairman
Mike Danielson
e-mail: mdanielson@rwb.net

Education Co-Chairman
Larry Bartlett


Come join the DFW ASPE Team to make connections and help grow your professional and social circles!




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