Lubbock ASPE - the High Plains Chapter

Chapter Formation is Almost Complete
With the support from the local Lubbock ASPE members in signing the Petition for Satellite Formation, the petition has been officially approved by the Dallas/Ft. Worth ASPE Board of Directors and has been forwarded to the National ASPE office. This official formation will allow a more local operation from the ASPE members with continued support from the sponsoring DFW chapter.

When the National ASPE Board of Directors officially recognizes the Lubbock chapter a local Board of Officers will be established with a President/Vice President Legislative; a Vice President Technical/Membership; and a Treasurer/Secretary.


2018 Lubbock ASPE Meeting Schedule

Note:  All meetings are held at the 50 Yard Line Steakhouse in Lubbock beginning at 11:30 am.




Technical Program

February 8

Mr. Doug Winkler

GF Piping Systems

Design and Installation of Polymer Special Waste piping Systems

March 29

Ms. Bevelyn Thompson

Rheem/Southwest Sales

Understanding the Benefits of High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters

May 17

Mr. Tom Schroeder

EeMax/Southwest Sales

Tepid Water for ANSI Z3581.-2009 – Methods of Providing Tepid Water

September 13

Mr. Paul Tully

Charlotte Pipe

Special Waste Piping Systems

November 15

Mr. John Santi


NFPA 20 Installation of Fire Pumps